A Minute on Mentoring



Mar 17, 2010 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

Welcome to this newly designed mentoring section of the Denver Seminary website! Thanks to DJ Turner and Susan Arnold for their work on this upgrade. We hope you’ll benefit from easier access to important information about the Denver Seminary mentoring process and also find fresh vision for ... [More]

Mentoring: Giving Gifts We Don't Expect

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in December 2008 Newsletter) What a delight to receive an expected gift! Whatever the gift, the source, or even the occasion, a gift that shows up unexpectedly triggers something inside us by communicating that someone was thinking of us and cares. Not to be melodramatic, ... [More]

Mentoring: The Movie Director Approach

Dec 01, 2009 by Roger Cauthon | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in December 2007 Newsletter) There are numerous images and metaphors that help us understand what mentors do: coach and supporter, teacher of skills and the leader of an apprentice, advocate and encourager. A mentor may open doors, making a way for a more novice person, or ... [More]

Standing on the Border

Dec 01, 2009 by Laura Flanders | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in October 2007 Newsletter) As I was driving home from the airport this week I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It read, "If you aren't outraged, you're not paying attention." Without dwelling on the political message behind this sticker, I pondered the ... [More]

Accountability in Mentoring

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in March 2007 Newsletter) Healthy mentoring relationships often involve some form of accountability. Yet, some abuse it. Others resist it. For many, it's great in theory but confusing in practice. Still, an emphasis on accountability has become almost cliche and it is ... [More]


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