A Minute on Mentoring


The Vision for Mentoring

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in October 2006 Newsletter) As we begin another school year, it's a good time to step back and reflect on the heartbeat of mentoring. Why are we doing this anyway? In some settings mentoring is only expected to enhance vocational proficiency and open career doors. In other ... [More]

Mentors as Listeners

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in February 2005 Newsletter) The Uncommon Individual Foundation defines mentoring as "a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." How would you describe the power of those who listen? Some can trace their ability to make a complex decision back to ... [More]

Mentors as Spiritual Directors

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in December 2004 Newsletter) What metaphor would best capture your tendencies and strengths as a mentor? Mentors are sometimes search engines (to borrow internet lingo), who help others access information and experiences that will enrich their perspectives. Mentors can also ... [More]

Mentoring and God's Call

Dec 01, 2009 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in November 2004 Newsletter) When I go camping I carry with me one of those fold-up multi-function tools. It's almost like taking my workshop with me. Pliers, saw blade, can opener, knife, screwdriver, hole punch; you name it, quite likely I have it ... all in the space of ... [More]

Praying Through the Beatitudes

Dec 01, 2009 by Harold Westing | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in August 2002 Newsletter) It appears to be easy to pray for those sick and in need, but it is much harder to pray for our own character and spiritual development. Here is a helpful way to guide your mentoree in praying for his or her own spiritual development. It is most ... [More]


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