A Minute on Mentoring


Howdy Y'all

Jan 17, 2013 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

I hope you will find this video link about mentoring to be helpful and encouraging.  It’s brief but offers an interesting example of how potent and personal mentoring can be.  Enjoy! May God enrich your own life as you invest in the student you are mentoring this year.  If ... [More]

A Word of Encouragement

Dec 03, 2012 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

Greetings Denver Seminary Mentors! We hope and pray that your mentoring relationship with a Denver Seminary student has created opportunities to see the Spirit of God at work in transformation.  In healthy mentoring relationships, mentors benefit as much as mentees (students).  May the ... [More]

Many Thanks

Oct 15, 2012 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

We are grateful to God for the launch of our 2012/2013 academic year with a record incoming class of students.  Our deep gratitude extends to you as an integral part of the educational process here.  Mentors play an immeasurable role in helping students connect their classroom learning ... [More]

The Contours of Mentoring

Jul 16, 2010 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

(Originally appeared in November 2006 Newsletter) What "counts" as mentoring? How do we know whether we are interacting with students in the ways they really need? Mentoring is defined in different ways, depending on which author you read. Some limit mentoring to skill development. Others use ... [More]


Mar 17, 2010 by Don Payne | 0 Comments

Welcome to this newly designed mentoring section of the Denver Seminary website! Thanks to DJ Turner and Susan Arnold for their work on this upgrade. We hope you’ll benefit from easier access to important information about the Denver Seminary mentoring process and also find fresh vision for ... [More]


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