Strategic Initiatives

For 2013-2017, we identified five words that express our vision for the Seminary. Broader. Stronger. Bigger. Deeper. Farther. Our strategic initiatives were developed based on this vision. 

Vision 1: We commit ourselves to being a school that ... Prepares a broader spectrum of the people of God for engagement in the mission of God through academically rigorous, theologically grounded, missionally focused, relationally centered, and more vocationally diverse educational programs.

Initiatives: In order to accomplish our vision we will:
1.1  Review and redesign MA and MDiv program curricula for greater alignment with the Seminary Mission Statement. Curricula revision will be based on market assessment, enrollment projections, and financial modeling. It will include a redesign of MA and MDiv core, review of concentrations and majors, evaluation of courses unique to each program, and assessment of duration, mode of program delivery, and flexibility within each program.

1.2  Design and launch a ThM program in conjunction with the curriculum review.

1.3  Design and launch two joint master degree programs in collaboration with partner institution(s).

1.4  Transition necessary library reserves from print to electronic text to support an increasing number of on-line and hybrid courses and create greater accessibility to library resources.

1.5  Address the new Standard Pathway requirements for HLC re-accreditation and continuation of accreditation with ATS.

1.6  Review and redesign the DMin program in order to increase enrollment, better align the program with the mission of the seminary and meet ministry needs of prospective students.

Vision 2: We commit ourselves to being a school that ... Exhibits the financial stability and sustainability needed to ensure long-term financial health and the financial vitality needed to pursue short-term strategic growth opportunities in support of our mission.

Initiatives: In order to accomplish our vision we will:
2.1  Strengthen key financial ratios to ensure a track record of financial performance that will allow the Seminary to expand the available options for financing, providing the increased flexibility to support programmatic changes, capital needs and new initiatives.

2.2  Build the long-term permanent endowment of the Seminary to $10 million to provide sustainable funding for scholarships, chairs, operations and other strategic opportunities.

2.3  Build the Seminary quasi endowment by $1 million in order to provide a robust reserve for strategic needs, while maintaining a ready reserve of at least three months operating expenses.

2.4  Assess the dynamics and component revenues, programs and associated expenses of the Seminary financial model so that we may recognize internal subsidies, return on investment and key opportunities for change.

2.5  Ensure stability and succession in our human resources by creating stronger strategies and systems for employee engagement, job satisfaction, compensation planning, personnel development and succession planning.

2.6  Develop and utilize long-range planning model(s) to examine capacities, viability of new initiatives and budget assumptions for this strategic period and beyond.

2.7  Enhance, maintain and project needs for facilities and technology infrastructure to support curricular and institutional needs.

Vision 3: We commit ourselves to being a school that ... Achieves annual enrollment growth through effective communication, admissions and student retention processes, increased availability of financial aid, expanded degree options and more accessibility in educational programming.

Initiatives: In order to accomplish our vision we will:
3.1  Increase overall MA/MDiv/DMin student enrollment 3-5% per year.

3.2  Bolster brand consistency and broaden brand awareness across all seminary

3.3  Improve retention rates annually through increased coordination with COG, Advancement, Hispanic and African-American Initiatives, and Educational Programs personnel.

3.4  Enhance scholarship leveraging strategies to support enrollment growth.

3.5  Enhance programmatic initiatives that support the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of the student body.

3.6  Support enrollment growth through alternative scheduling and increased offerings of on-line and hybrid courses.

3.7  Increase intentional marketing and recruitment efforts for non-visa Hispanic, African-American and Asian students.

Vision 4: We commit ourselves to being a school that ... Develops a consistently growing number of donors, alumni, churches and mission organizations that are committed to theological education and enthusiastically investing in our mission.

Initiatives: In order to accomplish our vision we will:
4.1  Increase the number of ministry internship opportunities that provide effective training, mentoring and tuition relief for students.

4.2  Grow total giving and number of donors annually.

4.3  Execute a campaign to increase scholarship giving across all donor segments.

4.4  Increase the number and amount of foundation grants annually.

4.5  Develop and execute planned-giving strategy to increase funding from estate

4.6  Increase alumni participation in virtual and personal events.

Vision 5: We commit ourselves to being a school that ... Embraces the ethnic, cultural and denominational diversity of the Church and partners
with diverse groups to extend Seminary resources into underserved communities locally, nationally and globally.

Initiatives: In order to accomplish our vision we will:
5.1  Expand the scope and scale of services offered at Shepherd’s Gate for greater community impact.

5.2  Create and support opportunities for the entire Seminary community to engage in outreach and service locally and internationally.

5.3  Create a community-based non-degree ministry leadership training program for African-American churches in the Denver metro area.

5.4  Create non-degree “bridge” programs to support the admission of African-American and Hispanic students without college degrees to Seminary degree programs.

5.5  Create a certificate of completion/concentration in Hispanic studies by November 30, 2013.

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