DMin Leadership Track

The Leadership Track is designed to help pastors and other Christian leaders prepare for many facets of ministry, and especially for the realities of leading and managing complex religious organizations.Students develop their own style and philosophy of leadership based on solid theological, organizational, and leadership principles.

Leadership Concentrations

There are four leadership concentrations available based on different areas of emphasis:

Leadership in Community Spiritual Formation (DMS)
God’s people must be formed in Christlikeness if they are to have an impact on our world. Knowing how to form God’s people spiritually in both the church and other organizations is a critical leadership task.

Church and Parachurch Executive Leadership (DML)
People must be led effectively if they are to accomplish all that God wants them to accomplish. Knowing how to equip people, motivate them, and organize them to accomplish a purpose are critical leadership skills for pastors and leaders of Christian organizations.


Leadership in Preaching and Pastoral Ministry (DMP)
Effective ministry in the church today requires both good leadership and relevant preaching. Skills must be developed in preaching and in leadership for pastors to be both faithful and fruitful in their service to our Lord and His mission

Leadership in Chaplaincy (DMC)
People in every organization experience problems and crises. Chaplains serve as pastors/counselors in residence in the organizational marketplace and function as a part of God’s mission to the world as they provide pastoral care in, and to, organizations.

How you’ll use this degree

  • Lead and mentor more effectively
  • Serve in variety of contexts including church, parachurch and public sector
  • Be able to thrive in the work God has already called you to
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