About Training & Mentoring for Students

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about the Training and Mentoring Program?” Well, not only will it be a big part of your life at Denver Seminary, it will open doors to friendships, personal growth, and connections like few other activities at seminary.

In the program, students will reflect on their life, skills, development needs, hopes, and so much more and create units of curriculum for themselves as personal paths to grow. As guides along those paths, each student will find mentors in their field that will help develop their character and/or their professional skills. In your personal learning plan, your mentor may help you better understand why trusting God can be so challenging, or you may need that mentor to teach you how to effectively lead a meeting. Both types of learning are critical to your future because they help you go beyond what to say or do and to know why and how to do so.

Along with learning plans and mentors, we put you into a formation group with classmates. It is in this small group where you can engage with your cohort, hear differing perspectives, and grow as a result of the spectrum of opinions shared or at least learn to deal gracefully with them if you disagree.

This program fosters learning for years beyond seminary.

Now that you know a little more about Training & Mentoring at Denver Seminary, check out the many degree programs we offer.

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