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Important Things To Learn From The Antioch Church Part 4

Aug 08, 2010 | 0 Comments

The Antioch church was open to shared leadership.  Leadership in Christian churches is either dominated by the minister, or it is lost in a committee. The pattern of leadership in the church at Antioch is very instructive. It was shared, not individual. The leaders came from different ... [More]

Important Things We Can Learn from the Antioch Church part 3

Jul 01, 2010 by Alex Mekonnen | 0 Comments

If we want to make a positive impact in the society we live and serve Christ, like the Antioch church our mark of Christianity should be love. It was in Antioch that the Jews and the Gentiles ate together, worship together, and serve God together. The Christians broke the barriers that separated ... [More]

Important Things We Can Learn from the Antioch Church part 2

Jun 08, 2010 by Alex Mekonnen | 0 Comments

It was a lay initiative The Antioch church not only gave vast scope to laymen, it was founded by laypeople. The nearest things to clergy were the apostles, and not one of them was to be seen at Antioch. The wandering refugees who put their lives at risk for Christ brought the exciting church into ... [More]

Some Important Things to Learn from the Antioch Church

May 10, 2010 by Alex Mekonnen | 0 Comments

Antioch was a great city. It was the capital of Syria, Queen of the East, and was situated as a most important sea port at the mouth of the rive Orontes. There were only two cities larger than Antioch in the entire ancient world, Rome and Alexandria. It was a military stronghold. It housed an ... [More]

My Comment on the Work of an Ethiopian Scholar

Apr 01, 2010 by Alex Mekonnen | 0 Comments

The Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia: Resistance and Resilience;By Tibebe Eshete, Texas: Baylor University Press, 2009. Pp.V, 525. $54.95. According to many scholars, by the time the first Anglo-Saxon is converted, Christianity had ten generations in Ethiopia. The religion has impacted the ruling ... [More]


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