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Position Focus: Family Ministry Director @ All Souls Church of Boulder

We believe children and youth are on a journey with God and an integral part of our Body, and, like all of us, able to connect with God, grow in Him and share His love with others in very real and beautiful ways. Our hope is that the Family Ministry Director would be passionate about coming alongside families to give them that opportunity.

Hours: 20 per week with the potential to grow in the coming years
Reports to: Head Pastor

Develop and implement children and family ministries that further All Soul's vision to be an authentic body centered on Christ, City, and Community, where lasting relationships between families and Jesus, families and their city, and families and the larger body of All Souls and beyond are created and redeemed. Craft and carry out a vision for equipping and supporting families to practice/experience faith at home and in their lives outside the doors of church. Establish and grow programs for children that allow them to experience His grace for the rest of their lives. Intentionally engage the whole child (heart, mind, body and soul) in active discovery of God and application of His truths, helping children to experience God in real, relevant and age-appropriate ways. Support the building of relationships that give children and families multiple voices of care and influence. Create an environment where children are empowered to realize their gifts and use them, worship God fully and share His love with others.

Ongoing Responsibilities
• Further increase the excellence and effectiveness of the established Sunday ministry to children (currently 3 classes that include ages nursery - 3rd grade)
Classroom and Facilities
•Ensure rooms are inviting, equipped to receive children, set up with snacks and supplies, organized for volunteers, safe and secure
•Manage the opening and locking-up of rooms each Sunday (we currently rent space from another church)

Teaching and Programming
•Evaluate and implement new curriculum as needed
•Develop ministry for 4th graders and beyond
•Oversee Sunday operations; ensure time is being used intentionally
•Vision cast the goals of the ministry
•Maintain database/registration of families and class lists
•Works towards incorporating creative, experiential elements into children’s worship time
•Instate and enforce safety and security procedures

Volunteer Support
•Recruit for room leaders, teachers, helpers and other family ministry volunteer roles; perform background checks and other new volunteer procedures
•Encourage and support volunteer team
•Train and equip new volunteers; host enrichments for current volunteers; build community amongst team
•Work within ministry and with others throughout church to find ways for children and youth to serve in accordance with their giftedness and heart
•Regularly communicate with team

Family Support
•Equip and empower parents in their roles as the primary spiritual influencers with their children, giving them tools to create rhythm, practices and conversations at home
•Oversee Mom’s and Dad’s Ministry

Special Events
•Organize and lead a minimum of 4 special events throughout year (for example, VBS, Christmas party, family service event, family worship night, etc.)
•Coordinate playdates and family events throughout year
•Encourage and coordinate children’s participation in the worship service to include singing, plays, scripture reading, etc.
•Arrange for paid child care workers for various church events

•Minister to families as they walk through hard things

*It is understood that volunteers will actually do many of these tasks, but the Director will be responsible for providing leadership to ensure they are accomplished.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required
•Solid foundation in Christian education concepts and extensive experience with children, which could be obtained through academic work or professional experience
•Demonstrates a humble, growing relationship with the Lord, rooted in His grace, and desires to make God known in all of life but especially in the lives of children and within families
•Self-directed and motivated but also thrives in a team setting, being sensitive to the needs of the rest of staff and to the growing and changing needs of families in the congregation
•Confident in interfacing and communicating well (both verbal and written) with a wide range of people, including children, parents, Pastor, church staff, external suppliers, the general public and members of the congregation
•Flexible attitude and a willingness to serve
•Skills to organize people and programs sufficient to the purposes of All Souls; experience planning and coordinating projects both large and small while honoring deadlines and budgets
•A deep love for children and families; the patience and wisdom to minister to kids and families at all levels
•Ability to assess and evaluate current operations and implement creative improvements, especially as the ministry continues to grow and expand; an openness to change and the enthusiasm and sensitivity to lead that

*It is recognized the above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the job, principal responsibilities, and skills required. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as necessary.

Just A Little Bit About All Souls

All Souls Church of Boulder is an authentic and hilarious community centered on the good news of Christ longing to engage and serve our beautiful city. Here at All Souls, we’re pretty okay with the idea that we’re all a beautiful mess. We like old hymns and Bob Dylan. We climb fourteeners and drink good beer. We believe in prayer and dance parties. We worship in flip-flops and cowboy boots. We know we make lots of mistakes, so we try to do lots of forgiving. This is why at the center of our identity you will find a complete dependence on the gospel.

All Souls is a part of the Reformed Church of America; we began in 2005 as a project to reach Boulder in a real and unique way. Our goal from the beginning has been to lovingly and authentically engage seekers and believers with a Gospel-centered theology. We sing hymns re-arranged into an American roots/folk rock style and our liturgy draws from the rich and varied history of Christian worship. Our demographic is typical of that of Boulder, made up of many young professionals, and graduate students; with a growing number of married couples, and young families. There are about 100 adults and 30 children in our community, worshiping in the heart of Boulder with a passion about serving our city.

Our vision to be a confluence of Christ, Community, and City.

We are regular people who are being transformed, day by day, by the good news and grace of Christ. We strive to create meaningful opportunities to worship the living God and to grow in our relationships with Him, not just on Sunday mornings, but as we go throughout our weeks. Our focus on the gospel continually reminds us of our deepest need for a Savior and the power of God’s redemptive love for us.

We believe that gospel transformation of our lives happens as we journey together in community. As a people who are in community with God, we desire to build community with each other through meaningful relationships. It is in messy community fueled by grace that we can best face life, sharing in each other’s joys and sorrows. We are a community who welcomes everyone; you do not have to believe as we do to belong, and we hope this is a safe place to ask questions, explore faith, and be authentic.

We love our city. We believe that each of us has an opportunity, in our neighborhood and in our work, to be part of God’s redemptive work in the world. We desire to be a community that is sensitive and responsive to people and their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and relational needs.

Children at All Souls
After many years of very few children at All Souls Church of Boulder, we are thrilled to now have a rapidly growing children’s ministry. It has been overseen by an amazing volunteer coordinator, but has now outgrown the scope of a volunteer and we are very excited to hire our first Family Director. We currently have around 30 children in our congregation, many of whom are babies and toddlers; the oldest child in our church is just eight years old. The children are divided into three classes during our Sunday service: one for babies and toddlers through two years olds, one for preschoolers/kindergartners, and one for early elementary schoolers (up to third grade). We currently rent space in in an existing church building on Sunday mornings, which means that we are very limited in our ability to make our classroom spaces our own. All of our supplies, decorations, toys, etc. must be put away in storage each week. We anticipate increasing numbers of children in the coming months and years and hope to expand the scope and depth of our children’s ministry accordingly.

Please send the following to
•All applicants must provide 3 references that know the candidate in the capacity of childcare, ministry or leadership. Please include: name, phone number, email and a short description of how they know you.
•Brief philosophy of Family Ministry (max 1 page)
•Letters of references may be included but are not required.

*Application Closing Date: January 15, 2014

To Apply: Send resume, philosophy of family ministry (one page max) and 3 references to

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