Alumni launch website to help those serving in the "average church"

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Apr 23, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

Three Denver Seminary Alumni,  Steve Kalb (MDiv, '86), Adam Fix (MDiv, '08), and Jason Helveston (MDiv, intends to graduate '09), have launched a website resource for pastors who serve in what the trio describes as an "average" church (fewer than 1000 people attending, one pastor or a small staff of pastors). From the AverageChurch website:

"According to George Barna's research in 2003 only 2% of churches in America experience an average attendance of over 1000 people each weekend, '...the statistics show that about four out of ten church-going adults (41%) go to churches with 100 or fewer adults while about one out of eight church-going adults (12%) can be found in churches of 1000 or more adults.' [The Barna Update, September 2, 2003]"

The website is full of helpful thoughts on leading an "average" church, including practical advice and encouragement to those who may feel pressure to become a "mega church." The site features articles in two categories, Expectations and The Role of the Pastor, as well as insightful blog posts to challange and encourage.

If you find yourself serving in an "average" church, and you are interested in more information, their website is


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