Alumnus finds joy in small town ministry

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Apr 26, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This comes from Alumnus Stephen Humber (MA, '00):

My family left the Seminary for rural Kansas back in 2000. I had just finished cramming my 2 year Youth & Family MA into 4 years of school and ministry. What a formative time Seminary was for me and my wife as we tried to undertand more of what it means to be a ministry team.

I've been an associate pastor in a little town in S. Central Kansas for almost 9 years now. What a remarkable exprience. Having always lived in large cities, and having traveled so much of the world during my ten years in the Navy, it was (and still is!) a real cross-cultural experience serving here.

There is so much good to find in rural ministry (people, relationships, literally living in community with each other, lots of peace and quiet and the beauty of Creation always before us). Of course there is also the other side of the coin that can be found from time to time as well--resistance to change, isolation from the wider world, gossip and in-fighting. But isn't there "stuff" to deal with wherever we serve? We count on God's grace to help us deal with these things come up.

It's remarkable to me how frequently I reflect on things I learned during my Seminary often I hear Dr. Buschart's voice; or use something from my classes with Dr. Blomberg; or see Dr. Carroll's face in my mind as he reads Scripture and challenges us to "Think!"; or remember something I heard Dr. Hess say about "Old Testament culture"; or reflect on the insight I gained from Dr. Cappa and Dr Lindquist. Such influence in my life! Such gratitude I feel toward those people and the school! Thank you Denver Seminary.


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