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Sep 02, 2009 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

First, please know that you have the freedom to drop in for a visit anytime I am in my office or you can make an appointment by emailing me at

Second, thanks to the Student Council the daily 10 minute liturgy of fixed hour prayer has returned at 9:15am and noon in the chapel.  Here is how Ruth Haley Barton describes these “Divine Hours,”

“This affinity for fixed-hour prayer came as a surprise. Up to this point I had been highly suspicious of what those in my evangelical tradition would have called 'rote prayers'— written prayers that we all feared would foster the vain repetitions that Jesus warned about. I was convinced that spontaneous prayers were the only real prayers because they came from the heart; only people who weren’t very spiritual and didn’t have much to say to God needed to rely on prayers that were written by someone else! Or so I thought. But I have discovered that there is another option: to pray the great prayers of the Church and to really mean them!

"Many Protestant traditions departed from fixed hour prayer in 'protest' of the
excesses of Roman Catholic Church and the spiritual numbness that the reformers were trying to distance themselves from. But it turns out that in distancing ourselves, we actually lost a rich avenue of prayer that is rooted in Scripture and in our very own tradition. Variously called 'fixed hour prayer', the 'daily office', or 'the Divine hours', these prayers are deeply Biblical. They express great spiritual truth and deep human longing in stirring language that has the potential to shape the soul. The Psalms, the Old and New Testament prayers (called Canticles), and the Lord’s Prayer all express the universal human experience of the soul reaching out to God. There is no better way to learn to pray and to actually pray!”  (“Sweet Hours of Prayer,” Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics, Center for Christian Ethics, Baylor Universtiy, Vol 32, 2009)


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