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Nov 18, 2008 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

I received an email from someone telling me about a movie that will be showing at the Starz Denver Film Festival this weekend, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here is an excerpt from the email I received from the director of the documentary:

The film is called "The Third Wave" which is about four independent volunteers, who after the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster, meet up by fate at the Sri Lankan airport and go off to volunteer. A two week journey turns into a year long adventure as they find themselves in charge of running a refugee camp for over 3000 people.

This is their story which explores the depths of human behavior with mankind at its very best and at its cruelest. Everything changes when the worlds' tsunami money doesn't materialize and the village slowly begins to turn on them forcing them to break every rule in the disaster aid books.

 The Film was celebrated at this years 2008 Cannes Film Festival by Sean Penn and Bono at a special Presidential Jury Screening and also a few weeks ago at the Tokyo international film festival, Tribeca film festival, Sydney festival, Monaco, L.A and many more including at the United Nations on Dec 10th.

It is set for a small theatrical release in January of 09.

It was also chosen by Will Stoller-Lee and the Priddy brothers to showcase at the recent Windrider film series screened for the seminary college recently in Colorado Springs and also at the Anglican seminary college in Toronto a few months ago followed by long question and answer time and discussions

I am the director of the film and am also a christian and the message of the film is unconditional love and that "everyone is needed."

Please tell your friends or church or class or anyone u know in Denver about it. The message is for everyone. The Third Wave is a deeply moving film which will resonate deep within your soul.

"The Third Wave is truly a must see for ourselves, our children and everyone we know. For anyone that has two good legs and a dollar in their pocket. It inspires the very best in us, just when we need that the most and comes as close to answering our purpose in life, more than any other film in my recent memory." Sean Penn's Quote on the film

Tickets can be reserved on the Denverfilmfestival.com website.

The screenings will be at the Starz Film Center in Denver on Saturday NOV the 22nd at 430pm and also on Sunday NOV 23rd at 1:15pm.

A question and answer time will follow by the filmmakers and volunteers. The film's editor is a hometown boy from Denver and also one of the main volunteers is from Colorado.


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