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Nov 05, 2008 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

A fitting word for all of us who seek to think critically, pray fervently, and live theologically:

Prayer and theology are inseparable. True theology is the adoration offered by the intellect. The intellect clarifies the movement of prayer, but only prayer can give it the fervour of the Spirit. Theology is light, prayer is fire. Their union expresses the union of the intellect and the heart. But it is the intellect that must "repose" in the heart, and theology must transcend it in love.

‘If you are a theologian you will pray truly; and if you pray truly you are a theologian." (Evagrius)

~ Olivier Clement, The Roots of Christian Mysticism, p. 183-4.

This quote leads me to a foundational question: Do I want to cultivate a ministry that will eventually suck the life out of me; or do I want to build a life out of which authentic ministry will inevitably flow? (See John 15)



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