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Sep 26, 2008 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

A few of us were talking after Br. Yun's messages this week and agreed that it appears that the Holy Spirit wants us to respond to the witness that we heard. In this week's Campus News I wrote that this could be "the beginning of a season of renewal; of radical openness to what our Lord the Spirit wants to do in our community; of a new commitment to the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom to set us free from whatever prisons hold us."

All I would ask of each of us is to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting in regard to His will for us individually and corporately. Could we together follow Jesus' instruction in Matthew 7:7 to ask, seek, and knock? "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; and knock, and it will be opened to you."

Tuesday's Common Ground will be a time of "open worship" in the Quaker tradition where we simply listen for and respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Would you specifically pray that in that hour the Holy Spirit might speak clearly to us as a community? Of course, I am praying that many of you will be able to be a part of that time and the vessels of His voice.

This is not a time of trying to "make something happen" or to "stir up" revival through human means or to coerce anyone in a direction toward which they are not called by the Spirit. It simply a season to seek, listen, ask, and respond to our Lord the Spirit.


Now a few quotes from Brother Yun:

Before I traveled to the West I had absolutely no idea that so many churches were spiritually asleep. I presumed the Western church was strong and vibrant because it had brought the gospel to my country with such incredible faith and tenacity. Many missionaries had shown a powerful example to us by laying down their lives for the sake of Jesus.

On some occasions I've struggled while speaking in Western churches. There seems to be something missing that leaves me feeling terrible inside. Many meetings are cold and lack the fire and presence of God that we have in China.

In the West many Christians have an abundance of material possessions, yet they live in a backslidden state. They have silver and gold, but they don't rise up and walk in Jesus' name. In China we have no possessions to hold us down, so there's nothing preventing us from moving out for the Lord.

...The pursuit of more possessions will never bring revival. ...The first thing needed for revival to return to your churches is the Word of the Lord. God's word is missing. [Brother Yun memorized a chapter a day from the Bible shortly after he began following Jesus.] Sure there are many preachers and thousands of tapes and videos of Biblical teaching, but so little contains the sharp truth of God's Word. It's the truth that will set you free.

Not only is knowledge of God's Word missing, but obedience to that Word. There's not much action taking place. ...You can never really know the Scriptures until you're willing to be changed by them.

All genuine revivals of the Lord result in believers responding with action and soul winning. When God truly moves in your heart you cannot remain silent. There will be a fire in your bones, like Jeremiah, who said, "His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot." Jeremiah 20:9
                ---from THE HEAVENLY MAN, p. 295-297


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