The Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple

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Feb 02, 2009 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

Frank Laubach (1884-1970) was an evangelical missionary and mystic known as the "Apostle to the Illiterates."  His commitment to live in constant conscious communion with the Father not only transformed him personally but also enabled him to develop a simple method of instruction which is credited with equipping over one hundred million people with the ability to read.  Here are some of his thoughts from his book Letters by a Modern Mystic:

But this year I have started out trying to live all my waking moments in conscious listening to the inner voice, asking without ceasing, ‘What Father, do you desire said?  What, Father, do you desire done this minute?'

It is clear that this is exactly what Jesus was doing all day every day.  But it is not what His followers have been doing in very large numbers.

Practicing the presence of God is not on trial. It has already been proven countless thousands of people.  Indeed, the spiritual giants of all ages have known it. Christians who do it today become more fervent and beautiful and are tireless witnesses.  Men and women who had been slaves of vices have been set free.  ...The results of this effort begin to show clearly in a month. They grow rich after six months, and glorious after ten years. This is the secret of the great saints of all ages. 'Pray without ceasing,' said Paul, 'in everything make your wants known unto God.' 'As many as are led by the spirit of God, these are the sons of God.'

We are practicing a new freedom, not a new bondage.  We fix our eyes on Jesus...


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