The Leading of the Holy Spirit

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Sep 24, 2008 by Howard Baker | 0 Comments

This past Tuesday evening the seminary chapel was filled to overflowing with people who came to hear Brother Yun's witness. As some of us agreed afterward, it seemed that the Holy Spirit was present in ways we have never experienced on campus before. Our prayer is that Brother Yun's visit is the beginning of a season of renewal; of radical openness to what our Lord the Spirit wants to do in our community; of recommitment to the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom to set us free from whatever prisons hold us, just as it did for Brother Yun who by the power of the Spirit miraculously walked out of the highest security prison in China; and of surrender to how Jesus wants us to be His agents of transformation in the church and the world for the sake of His Kingdom.

We will formally begin a call to renewal next Tuesday in Common Ground with a time of "open worship" which is a form of worship in the Quaker tradition. After a couple of worship songs we will wait in silence for the Spirit's promptings-one may be prompted to read a scripture, another to witness to God's grace and power, another to pray, someone else to give a challenge, and so it goes....or we may sit together in silence waiting upon the Lord. It is up to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned...more to He leads....



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