Denver Seminary Magazine: Spring 2010

  • May 11, 2010

This issue of Denver Seminary Magazine focuses on the 60th anniversary of the Seminary by celebrating the inauguration of our seventh president, Dr Mark S. Young, as well as taking a look at how the former presidents have influenced and shaped this institution.

The President's Message

For more information about Dr. Young's vision for the future of Denver Seminary, which is firmly rooted in the Seminary's past, please see the manuscript to his inauguration address, which can be found on his blog.

Campus News Links

The Inauguration of Mark S. Young, President

Videos from the Inauguration of Dr. Mark S. Young are available on our website and on our YouTube Channel. The web page also contains links to photo galleries, Dr. Young's inauguration address, and more.

Biblical Authority

by Carey S. Thomas, D.D.

This article was written by Denver Seminary's first president. It first appeared in The Conservative Seminarian in 1954. It lays the foundation for Denver Seminary's commitment to the authority and truth of Scripture.

Discussion Questions
  1. What value do you place on the authority of the Bible?
  2. How do you think  the authority of Scripture should impact the ministry of those who lead in your church or the ministries you support?
  3. How does your value of the authority of the Bible impact your ministry and the ministry of those around you?

Personal Faith and Social Concern

by Haddon W. Robinson, Ph.D.

This article first appeared in Focal Point, spring 1990. Dr. Haddon Robinson was Denver Seminary's third president, and he still serves as President Emeritus. This articles was chosen as it highlights the value Denver Seminary places on both personal faith & spiritual development and the need to do something to impact the world for Christ.

Discussion Questions
  1. Do you fall more on the side of emphasizing personal faith or social concern in how you live your life? Why?
  2. What things appeal to you about the other? What things scare or concern you about the other?
  3. Since the model of Christ is for us to live with both a deep, personal faith and a concern for the widows, orphans, prisoners, sick, etc., what might you do to draw closer to a balance between the two in your life?

My Desideratum for Denver: Knowledge, Insight and Discernment

by Vernon C. Grounds, Ph.D.

This article first appeared in Focal Point, winter 1995. This particular article was selected because it clearly describes the need for biblical balance, a long-time value of Denver Seminary, while providing tangible examples of that need. While the article was written in 1995, the three examples provided by Dr. Grounds -- the Seminary's 2nd president and current chancellor -- are still relevant today.

Content, Character and Competency

by Clyde McDowell, D.Min.

This article was originally a series of articles that appeared in Focal Point, winter 1997. As Denver Seminary's 5th president, Dr. McDowell believed firmly in changing the experience and process of theological education. While mentoring had always been an active part of the Seminary's nature, Dr. McDowell was the one who spearheaded reform to make it part of the curriculum for all students. For the purposes of this issue of Denver Seminary Magazine, the articles were combined and condensed into one.

Who Is Jesus?

by Edward L. Hayes, Ph.D.

This article first appeared in Focal Point, winter 1996. Dr Hayes was Denver Seminary's fourth president and is currently president emeritus. This article was chosen because of its emphasis on the purposes and reason for spiritual formation, which, through the training and mentoring program, is a part of the curriculum for all students -- to become more like Christ.

Discussion Questions
  1. Who is Jesus to you?
  2. How does who He is shape your values and your life?
  3. In what ways do you imitate Jesus? In what ways do you wish you imitated Him more?

Ripples of Influence

by G. Craig Williford, Ph.D.

This article was written by Denver Seminary's sixth president and alumnus (M.A., '82), Dr. Craig Williford, and first appeared in the fall 2000 issue of Focal Point. This article was chosen because it explores the impact that a Denver Seminary education has on the world -- the far-reaching "ripples of influence" that our students and graduates have. This is an important aspect of the vision and mission of Denver Seminary, and why our prayer partners, financial donors, and other friends continue to support the Seminary.

You can view stories of transformation -- both students and alumni -- on the home page of our website. You can see a complete list of the video stories here.

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