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  • Aug 31, 2009

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Correction: In the article about alumnus Craig Williford, it was incorrectly reported that he is an alumnus of '02. Dr. Williford is actually an alumnus of '82.

Developing Wise Leaders

by Dr. Alex Mekonnen

Discussion Questions
  1. What attributes do you think a wise leader possesses?
  2. Do you agree with Dr. Mekonnen that there is a lack of wise leaders in our world? Why or why not?
  3. In his article, Dr. Mekonnen mentions several things that he thinks help develop a wise leader: study of the wisdom literature of the Bible, integrated academic curriculum, spiritual formation, mentoring, etc. If you are a leader, in what ways do you incorporate these into your own life? Is there anything you would add to the list?
More thoughts on leadership

If you are interested in hearing more thoughts on leadership from Dr. Alex Mekonnen, we invite you to check out his blog.

From Students to Leaders: Alumni Share Their Wisdom

by Natalie Corbin

Each of the short articles in this alumni feature has a longer version which is only available on our website. Click the titles below to read the full stories:

A New Era of Leadership

by DJ Turner - and Interview with President Dr. Mark S. Young

For more information about Dr. Mark Young and his appointment as Denver Seminary's seventh president, please click here.

Chaplaincy: Leading Institutional Change from Within

by Dr. Jan McCormack

For more information about Denver Seminary's chaplaincy program, please click here.

Uncommon Wisdom

by Mark Miller

To learn more about Denver Semianry's Doctor of Ministry program, please click here.

A Joint Venture: Training Students to Lead Wisely

by Dr. David Buschart and Nancy Buschart

To learn more about Denver Seminary's approach to training students to lead wisely, please click here.

To read Nancy's blog, "The Three Questions," please click here.

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