Presidential Search Advisory Committee

  • Sep 9, 2008


The board of trustees is pleased to announce the formation of a presidential search advisory committee. Trustee members will be Mr. Kirk Douglas, as Chair, Rev. Paul Edwards, Hon. Jane Norton, Mr. Bob Seiple, and Mr. Ted Travis. Campus members will be Dr. Danny Carroll R., Dr. Hélène Dallaire, Ms. Sharon Gipe, and Dr. Scott Wenig. Ms. Alli Dunham will serve as executive assistant to the committee.

In accordance with the constitution and bylaws of Denver Seminary the selection of a new president will be made by the board of trustees. However, it is important for the entire Denver Seminary community to be involved in the process leading to the final selection. The search advisory committee will lead and oversee that process under the auspices of the board of trustees.

We are also pleased to announce that we have retained the services of a search consultant. He is Mr. Glen Weingarth of the Weingarth Group, Inc. in Durham, NC. Mr. Weingarth has consulted on theological searches for many fine seminaries around the country. He will help assure that our search process will be professional and thorough.

We thank each member of this committee for their commitment to this vital project. Please pray regularly for them and that God will lead in these most important days ahead.