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Prayer for someone who lost their job

May 28, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This request comes from Mark in Michigan: Please Pray for me as I have lost my Engineering job in Michigan and in need of another job soon so that I do not lose my home and support my family, God Bless for all Your Prayers. I need a Miracle -- Mark from ... [More]

Prayer for Community Dealing with Suicide

May 22, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This request came in from Kris Cameron: Abiding Hope Lutheran Community- Dealing with Suicide The Pastor of this church, Doug Hill, has asked me to ask Seminary to pray for his congregation as they deal with the suicide of a 15 year old girl this past Tuesday. The tragedy is hitting them all ... [More]

Prayer for marriage

May 12, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This request comes from Kavitha: I have some severe problems in my married life. My Husband and their family members are misunderstanding me a lot and they are planning for divorce and all. Due to this I am very much tensed and worried in my mind. My mind is getting depressed alot. From the ... [More]

Prayer for participants in a spiritual camp

May 06, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This is from Eero in Finland: We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (from 06-12 through 06-14-2009). To this camp come people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you will pray with us that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go ... [More]

Prayer for a troubled relationship

May 05, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This post just came in from someone named Jitendra: God...Please bless my love. I am in love with a girl named Rupal, we both love each other very much. In the past few weeks there are some misunderstanding between us; she wants to end up the relationship. I really love her very much. Please God ... [More]


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