A Prayer for encouragement

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Jun 01, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This prayer was submitted by Christian. Thank you, Christian, for this prayer of encouragement.

My prayer for each of you - encouragement.

Father I come before you in behalf of my prayer partners. You are a holy and loving Father that is just and all knowing. We are suffering many of us; in various aspects and circumstances of our lifes. Our hope is low, sometimes our faith is shaky, and our love is at times, not what it should be. This world unfortunately gets the best of us in these areas. The storm has hit each of us. Help us to recognize that you have brought these stormy circumstances in our life because you love us so much and wish us to draw near to the blessings you have prepared in each instance.

Send thy Holy Spirit to intercede, comfort, and direct our lives to the greater gift you are bringing each of us to. May the prayer of our hearts reach you, may our tears be wiped away with your touch Father. Strengthen the areas of faith, hope, and love in our lives during these times of tribulation we are facing. May your divine will reach and give answers, that we may find comfort and courage that you are near and on the scene with us.

Your son Jesus has spoken to us that if we ask anything in his name, you would respond to the request. Father, if we fail in our asking; forgive us and take pity. If we ask and your will is to let the circumstances remain or end in a way that leads to suffering, have mercy on us. If by your love there is no other way and the cup we are faced with will not be taken away, then may your holy will be done as you say. You have spoken to us that your grace is enough, then may we lift our hearts up to you and walk in it. May the suffering and hardships of this life bring us to your rest and joy, if not in this life; then in the life to come.

There again Father; for those of us whose circumstances of the storm have been answered, let us glorify you. May others find hope in your works Lord. May we rejoice together one day for all the marvelous works your have done in us. For those who may be far away, let us not  harden our hearts toward you, but rather open our hearts to your ways which are far greater than we know or understand. Please Father come and make your abode in us, for you are our creator, our Father. We are your children, we love you, we need you, and one day as everyday, stand before you as we really are. Amen


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