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Jul 01, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This was submitted by Dorothy:

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) National Day of Prayer (July 7, 2009)

DATE/TIME:  July  7, 2009, 7:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. 2009

WHERE:  Your Choice

 WHO:  Everyone who has been affected by MS. This includes you, your family and friends.

WHAT:  Everyone pray the same prayer at the same time asking God for healing and deliverance.  I cannot give you the words to say.  Just allow your heart to speak to God about delivering us from MS.  Say the things you feel when you are alone and hurting.  Prayer is the key to the heart of God.  Prayer is actively acknowledging God as the source of all power and trusting that His answers, whether expected or unexpected, will accomplish greater things.  (Isaiah 46:9-10).

WHY:  Prayer is the key to the heart of God and because God honors united prayers. 

BACKGROUND:  God has led me to write this request to you.  Myself and over 400,000 Americans suffer with MS.  I feel that each of us have prayed for God's healing and deliverance separately.  I believe God has heard our cries.   I believe we are standing at the door of a miracle.  However, I feel that there are 3 things that the Holy Spirit is leading us to do. 

(1)   Unite in Collective Prayer -- Prayer is actively acknowledging God as the source of all power and trusting that His answers, whether expected or unexpected, will accomplish greater things.  (Isaiah 46:9-10). In 1 Samuel 9:16 states that God said that I have seen the suffering of my people, and I have listened to their cry.  In Numbers 14:22.  The people united with one voice.  Therefore, I am asking us to unite in one voice. Remember "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power".

(2)   Believe --  Proverbs 3:5 says that "We must trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding; in all our ways acknowledge Him, and He will make our path straight."  When we pray we must believe that God is able to do it.  Remembering  that God name for healing is Jehovah Rapheka.  Numbers 23:19 says that God is not a human being, and he will not lie.  He is not a human, and he does not change his mind.  What He says, He will do.  What He promises, He makes come true.  We must erase all doubt from our mines and heart.  Believing that He is the God that heals. In the Bible, Abraham was in the same situation. He had a promise from God that He would be the father of many nations. The only problem was that both Abraham and His wife, Sarah, were well beyond child-bearing years. Abraham didn't see any reason to hope. There was no way he could think of for God's promise to come to pass. But I love what this scripture says, even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept on hoping. He chose to have an attitude of faith and expectancy, and God was faithful to Abraham and fulfilled His promise!

(3)   Give thanks --  This day of prayer is not only to ask God to heal us but to give thanks for His divine mercy. Yes, I did said thanks.  Because if we are praying and believing in our Great and Awesome God, it is already done and we can give thanks. Lets praise God now for our healing.  Don't wait until you are healed.  Exodus 15 states that when the Children of Israel was suffering in Egypt they united and cried out to God.  The Bible further states that the Israelites rejoiced to see God deliver them from the Egyptians.  The Bible tells us that over 600,000 men were delivered in one day.  If God delivered all of them in one day, surely He can deliver us in one day.

Therefore, I am asking that on July 7, 2009, we cry out with one voice.  This will be our National Day of Prayer.  One of God's names is Jehovah Jireh which means the Lord will provide.  In Genesis 22:13 Abraham says that "The Lord Provides."  Even today people say, "On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided."  God still provides miracles today.  For me, I will be fasting and praying.  I encourage others to do the same.  However, if you cannot fast and pray it is okay.  The key to this miracle is to unite in prayer, believe and give thanks. 

Doctors and Scientists have been working diligently to heal us.  They have invented wonderful treatments.  However, we are not looking for another treatment but for deliverance. Therefore, I propose we come before the Lord at the same time with one voice. I ask that you encourage your family and friends to partake in this prayer circle.  I know that this have been a difficult time for all of us.  Be encourage, "God is the God of ALL Flesh, and there is NOTHING too hard for Him."


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