Prayer for fiance

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Apr 20, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This came in from a Brazillian woman:

Peace of Lord!

My name's Daniella (I'm brazilian), I am engaged, and marked with marriage, but, suddenly, Luis, my fiance [who he always loved me a lot, and was very kind and considerate with me], he began to avoid me, shouting with me, do not want to talk with me, to say that he do not forgive me, to ask the alliances of back, saying that no more will marry me and not trust more in me. We work together in the same building, and where we find, it changes the way to avoid me. For it is as if I had betrayed. This happened, him explosion of temper, six days after we mark the marriage on friday (We were very happy.  He full of plans for our wedding and honeymoon).

When I try to talk to him, he says he does not want to talk about anything with me, he feels bad and goes away. He was joined all jealous, and exploded when I spoke with a woman who he thinks his enemy, because she has been treated him badly when they first met (I think he has his emotions as sensitive and difficult to forgive, because he has suffered much racism -- he is a black man -- in his life, and people have treated him very badly throughout him life. He said that because of this fact -- suffered much racism -- he has low esteem and is insecure and became vengeful). For he is as if I had betrayed the disrespect. This lady works in my room, and called me to look at the photos of her new apartment, and with that he put in the hair, that I am friend this woman and that I do not care about his feelings, and who hurt him (he finds it difficult to forgive people, he is newly converted.). And from there, the events of the past is bringing his head, who do feel betrayed, violated and humiliated.

Already asked for forgiveness for everything I have done or said that has hurt, but he said he can not forgive. He thinks that if forgive me, is being unfair to him.

I told him that he will need the Lord Jesus to help him forgive others and me, but he does not want to hear me. He think he has to feel a sense of forgiveness. He said he can not forgive people and me.

He is very attached to the past. And as he himself says, only the bad things that are wrong, he remember the past constantly and with details. And that is so strong there that the good things of the past, are suffocated, and he does not remember them.

I said several times that I love him very much, but he said he does not believe, because I speak to his enemies.

Pray for God changed the life of Luis, and he release the past, the jealousy, that can forgive and to trust me, and back to me, and him to recognize the love I feel for him. For that he is for a groom for me, as Jesus is for your church. And so our relationship is restored, so we can get married.


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