Prayer for God's will in a job and health

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Apr 24, 2009 by DJ Turner | 0 Comments

This prayer request just came in from an alumnus named Mark:

Hello to all the wonderful people of Denver Seminary, and all those family members who, with their love, pour out prayers for so many in need. My name is Mark Shaver, and I am a graduate of Denver Seminary from 2001, I was on the Monday block program for years, so maybe I had a class with you or two! My prayer request is twofold:

Number one, I am currently seeking a position at a church as the associate/youth pastor and would be working part time. It is a perfect job for myself, and I feel led by the Lord in seeking the position. Please pray that this is affirmed for me in seeking the position (or if not, that I would be led to where I need to be), but also with the greater prayer request of the fact that my health has taken a turn for the worse in the past three months in that I have been diagnosed with hypoxemia, or low blood oxygen.

I already have sleep apnea and use a full face sleeping mask, with my C-pap machine set on the highest level. However, this has not helped and now I am go  ing in for more tests on my lungs, CT scans, blood work, allergy tests, etc. I am very nervous and in need of both the calming of the Holy Spirit to rest upon me, but also that I made be made well in order to be able to take this position at the new church if indeed I am offered it. The doctor has said he believes everything I am facing is "fixable",  however last night I had a scare when my mask came off and I was sleeping without any extra aid. I just need your prayers, or a phone call. I am not in the way of asking for prayers for myself usually as a pastor, I know that is dumb. So, please pray for me and the doctor and for God's will to be done in all this. God bless you all and thanks for reading my "letter" here.

I love Denver Seminary and all the people up there during my tenure were so great, I truly miss it.


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