Townhouse in the Denver Art District - Move in Aug. 1 - $550/mo.

Live in a historic South Denver neighborhood on Santa Fe and 6th. Only 15 Minutes from campus and blocks from Downtown Denver. My name is Ryan and I am wrapping up my Masters of Divinity degree at Denver Seminary and am an Executive Pastor at a downtown Denver Church. My wife, Christy, is an urban planner and works for the Jefferson County and we have an adorable (and surprisingly well behaved) little girl named Lucy who just turned 1. We used to rent out 2 bedrooms a year and have had 7 roommates over the past 3 years (they just keep on getting married and moving out!). Lucy took over one of the rooms so now we are only renting one; we are a down to earth, flexible and low stress couple that likes living with other people.

The townhouse was recently built and is 1450 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Amenities include your own bathroom, A/C, Washer/Dryer, Hardwood floors, WiFi, off-Street parking, Dishwasher, a Backyard with lots of gardening space, and if I have any books you need for seminary classes, you are welcome to borrow and scribble all over them. We also cover the utility and WiFi bills so $550 is all you will pay each month. We are looking for someone to sign a lease that will Start August 1. Security deposit is $300.

If interested you can call: 303.549.7299 or email: and we can figure something out!

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