2. Instructions for Posting a Listing

In order to post a listing, you must create a log in account.

To create an account, click “Log In” at the top of any of our web pages. You will be prompted to either enter your user name and password or “Create an Account.” Once you have created an account, you are logged in.

After logging in, you will be able to post a message in the “Off Campus Housing” forum. Select the major subhead that is appropriate to your rental. (Please do NOT post a comment in the instruction section, as no one but other potential landlords will likely see your listing.) You will see a list of existing listings and an “Add Discussion” form at the bottom of the page; this is where you add your listing.

The “Title” of your posting should be a very brief description of your rental unit. In the “Comment” section, type in details about your property.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your name and contact information in the “comment” section.

When crafting your listing, we recommend you also include the following information:
1. Lease type (e.g., month-to-month, 12-month)
2. Rent per month
3. Distance from the Seminary
4. Availability
5. Whether or not you offer a discount for Seminary students*
6. Any other specific information (e.g., whether pets are allowed)

*You may choose to list the full price and ask students to call for discount information.

When you have completed your listing, hit the submit button and your property will be added.

If your rental is filled or no longer available, please send an email to webmaster@denverseminary.edu with the section in which your listing is located (e.g., apartments, houses, etc.) and the title of your listing.

If you have questions, please either respond to this post, or send an email to webmaster@denverseminary.edu.

Thank you and good luck finding a renter!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While the housing forum is housed on the Denver Seminary website, it is NOT password protected, and it is therefore accessible by the general public. Please be aware of this as you post your ad and entertain prospective renters. Denver Seminary can assume no responsibility for either the listings on this housing forum nor for any responses that landlords may receive from potential renters. We strongly encourage everyone to take caution when creating their listing and when responding to potential renters. Please take care to protect your personal information and do NOT respond to anything that looks suspicious.

Edited by bcrenshaw2 on 5/27/14

Please let me know if I am at the correct place to ask this ?: how to I edit my housing post to say looking to share house with single female roommate vs. Looking to share with female single parent or a married couple? My email is tburdue@q.com. Thank you so much. Appreciate your help!

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