Room for Rent (in house with family)

TitleCreatedStarted byCommentsLast ActiveLast Comment
Lower level of new home!5/19/17soppliger115/19/17soppliger1
Room Available5/19/17mstover415/19/17mstover4
Furnished Room5/9/17pluke15/9/17pluke
August - Littleton5/6/17jlisauskaite15/6/17jlisauskaite
Room/Rooms for rent5/1/17cel15/1/17cel
Room available5/1/17ljohnson8515/1/17ljohnson85
Room for Male Student3/22/17sevans3424/30/17wburkett
Basement apartment $600/month4/8/17alexkuy24/25/17alexkuy
"Apt' rental for a Christian man.4/17/17woodland14/17/17woodland
Downstairs One Bedroom Apartment3/1/17bhajec44/14/17bhajec
Home all yours 8 months of the year4/8/17syoung3114/8/17syoung31
650sqft Basement - $700 (flat)4/2/17dgelhar14/2/17dgelhar
$600 per room3/19/17sveith13/19/17sveith
Christian Female Roommate Wanted2/22/17bmanche12/22/17bmanche
2 BDR Garden Apartment2/13/17pserafini12/13/17pserafini
$600 - Female Roommate Wanted2/6/17nancykuzava12/6/17nancykuzava
$490 apt in house2/4/17phmerrill12/4/17phmerrill
$600 Basement Bedroom w/ Private Bath1/25/17ltrimble211/25/17ltrimble2
4.5 Miles Away: Room for Rent1/23/17gmiller3511/23/17gmiller35
Room for rent in home with married couple12/29/16amyshenk21112/29/16amyshenk21
Basement Available to Female Denver Seminary Student12/23/16tburmeister112/23/16tburmeister
Basement for rent12/6/16rmaher112/6/16rmaher
Female Roommate Wanted!12/5/16ltongish112/5/16ltongish
Looking for a private room and bathroom12/5/16levidw08112/5/16levidw08
Share house11/22/16sveith111/22/16sveith
1,200 SqFt Basement for Rent ($1,300)11/20/16jeffreygrounds111/20/16jeffreygrounds
Quiet, private space in home with ministry couple11/11/16crosenau111/11/16crosenau
Basement Apartment-Lakewood11/2/16jlebrun111/2/16jlebrun

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