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  • Church-plant Leadership
  • Grace Community International Church
  • http://www.lisbongrace.com
  • Posted: 12/26/2013
  • Salary/Range: Personal support raising is required to fund this position.
  • Hours: Full Time (preferred) or Part Time (acceptable)
  • Location
  • Lisbon, Portugal


We're looking for a full-time, fully-funded man or woman interested in spending at least 2-3 years as a teacher of God's word and a developer of leaders and community in a small international, non-denominational, English-speaking church in beautiful Cascais (Lisbon), Portugal! If a growing church plant is on your heart, read on!
Come join our MESS! Our experience as a small community of Christ-followers can best be described as, well, messy.... and that's exactly where God wants us! We love being extended, uncomfortable, and laid out before God, together as a family. Grace began as a home church 8 years ago and though we look much more like a "regular church" today, with regular Sunday services, home groups, child care, and even a coffee cart (!) our DNA still very much remains missional and as an informal home church at heart. We are lead by a highly collaborative leadership team which has found freedom from centralized direction. Our aim is to develop and empower leaders throughout the entire community.
Many members of Grace are actively contributing and serving the community. We'd also be hard-pressed to count the number of Sundays that didn't involve open prayer requests, personal testimony, and excited reports of praise for God's hand on both the triumphs and the trials of our lives. We are highly dependent upon every member of the community to contribute and to make it all work. But this dependency is sweet! With just enough organizational structure to the church to sustain our community, we find ourselves wholly dependent on God each and every week.
God has blessed us with amazing opportunities to reach well beyond our circle in order to express our passion for our community and our world. Bringing a bit of American culture to Portugal, we fellowshipped with 120 guests at our last Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to supporting full-time missionaries in Africa and Asia, we also just saw God's mighty hand raise funds for over 20 cleft pallet surgeries in Guatemala. Our multi-cultural body makes for a multi-cultural heart which thankfully draws our focus away from ourselves.
We currently meet on Sundays at the Carlucci American International School, located in the Sintra foothills. We're a short 20 minute drive into downtown Lisbon to the east and just a stone's throw from the Cascais beach to the south of us which is one of Europe's top beach vacation spots. Lisbon is Europe's southern-most capital city and is full of old-world charm. Historically a sea-faring society of fishermen and global traders, the Portuguese still identify with the sea and you won't find yourself far from an open-air market with fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries, meats, cheeses, and of course salted cod fish, the national dish. Though a Portuguese-speaking country, it's not hard to get around in English.
So who are we praying that God will send our way? Currently our leadership team is comprised of a full-time, fully funded missionary couple and three part-time members of the community. Our primary skill set search is focused on someone knowledgeable in God's word that has a humble heart - equally passionate about teaching and developing leaders in the community. Someone perhaps "a little bit crazy," who isn't necessarily at all like us in personality, but is just like us in our desire to worship the one true God in an environment of grace - a complement to our body rather than a clone. Someone unafraid of embracing our deliberate messiness as we all work out our salvation, and share the gospel with our community and our world. We are certainly much less concerned with growing our numbers than we are with growing in our faith, but when God continues to grow our family of believers we want to be charging ahead courageously in the direction in which He is leading.
If the idea of joining us on this adventure has you curious, call Teal Rapp at 720 891-8344 or email Teal at tealrapp@gmail.com.

To Apply: Teal Rapp at 720 891-8344 or email Teal at

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