A review of Elmer Martens', "Old Testament Theology," by Dr. Richard Hess.

    Martens, Elmer A. ed. Old Testament Theology. Bibliographies No. 13. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1997. 138 pp. Paperback. ISBN 0-8010-2146-4.

    Martens provides a useful listing with anntations of 512 published sources for the study of the Old Testament and areas relating to it. Major areas include: reference works, serial literature, history of the discipline, issues, perspectives on Old Testament theology, Old Testament theologies, Theologies book by book, and monographs on selected biblical themes. Under each of the specific areas the items are generally listed from the earliest to the latest. There is a mixture of articles and books under most entries. There may be a bias toward Evangelical American writers. Thus under Genesis one finds an article by Coats and the theological section at the beginning of Hamilton's NICOT series commentary. Nothing is mentioned regarding the important theological commentary of Von Rad on Genesis, nor is there any note of the theological section in Gordon Wenham's Word series commentary on Genesis. However, other important German works are included. Although there is a preference for modern works, Gabler's seminal work is cited (p. 42), as are the key Old Testament theologies of the past centuries (pp. 73ff.). All in all this is a small, useful volume whose perusal in any of the subject areas will bring rewards of identifying the most important works with a brief description of their contents.

    Richard S. Hess
    Professor of Old Testament
    Denver Seminary

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