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Youth Assistant - Female
South Suburban Christian Church

1. Minimum Qualifications:
1.1. Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
1.2. Willing to be an active, visible, and accessible member of SSCC
1.3. Administrative and interpersonal communication skills; self-directed; demonstrated leadership ability; understanding of human developmental characteristics
1.4. 4-year degree desired or in pursuit of degree with emphasis in youth ministries, Christian education, counseling, or equivalent experience
1.5. At least 1 year experience working with youth programs
1.6. Female applicants only, able to provide pastoral presence to female youth group members

2. Standards of Employment:
2.1. Supervisors: Minister of Youth and Levi’s House.
2.2. Work Week: Half-time salaried position, a minimum of 20 hours per week.
2.3. Office Procedures: As noted in other documents, as needed. There will be an annual performance evaluation, including appropriate, consistent feedback.
2.4. Compensation: Starting salary per Job Offer Letter.
2.5. Leave: Paid holidays, vacation days, personal days, sick leave, jury duty, conferences and continuing education shall be provided as noted in other documents, as needed.
2.6. Other Employee Considerations: As noted in other documents, as needed.

3. Position Concept:
3.1. To serve as an assistant to the youth minister, actively involved in the planning, development and implementation of the ministry of South Suburban Christian Church to the youth of the congregation and their families. Primary responsibility is to the female youth group members in grades 6 – 12.

4. Responsibilities include:
4.1. To serve as a spiritual leader and advisor to the youth of the congregation and their families, with primary knowledge of faith issues for female students.
4.2. To assist in cultivating evening youth group events with a blend between spiritual and group activities.
4.3. To encourage youth to consider God’s calling on their lives.
4.4. To cultivate significant interpersonal relationships with youth group members.
4.5. To spend personal time with youth (lunch, school activities, etc.); ability to meet one-on-one with female youth group members.
4.6. Ability to conduct small group Bible studies, primarily with high school girls.
4.7. To consistently model faith through Sunday worship and Christian lifestyle.
4.8. To assist in recruiting and training leaders for the youth group (Youth Staff), along with one-time adult sponsors for group activities.
4.9. To assist in coordinating ministries with interns as needed.
4.10. To serve alongside the associate pastor of youth as event coordinator for youth.
4.11. To plan and attend various activities, community service projects, recreation nights, parties, etc.
4.12. To assist in planning and attending youth camps, retreats, and mission trips; ability to act as in-cabin, overnight counselor for female members of the youth group.
4.13. To assist in developing the ongoing youth ministry calendar.
4.14. To work with youth and youth staff members to set up annual agenda.
4.15. To assist with church administrative duties, including the submission of annual goals and budget to the Financial Management Team.

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