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Description:, formerly known as is a social media network based on healthy living and healthy values. We strive to attract members that bring encouragement and positivity to our on-line community. We very recently rebranded our company and are excited to bring your student's fresh perspectives and ideas onto our team! The intern program here at Spire is known as the "Spire Squad"; interns will be responsible for helping our team expand the reach and market share of Spire.

Our program is designed to help students develop skills in areas that they will use in their career. We focus on three main areas marketing, networking and communication. In addition, they will learn skills in organization, professionalism and business etiquette. We have created 'challenges' for interns that must be completed every 1-2 weeks. Some of these include:

-Creating flyers to share around their campuses
-Learning the ins and outs of the Spire website
-Reaching out to rookies on the website and answering any questions they have
-Researching brands and products that can be used as 'rewards' on the Spire, posting thoughts and accomplishments
-Earn a minimum of 10,000
-Recruit a minimum of 10 people to join
-Join Teams and create challenges for members
-Post weekly words of encouragement to 20 Spire members

In addition, interns will complete bi-weekly evaluations of their progress in order for us to gauge their work ethic and dedication to this program. This internship is an on-line program and will require a substantial amount of time each week.

Dates: Feb. 3rd- May 7th

To Apply: 615-598-3314

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