Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018

The tuition and fee schedule that follows is effective beginning with the fall 2017 semester. Tuition, fees, and other expenses are subject to change without notice and are due by the dates that are published each semester. Students may pay their tuition balance in full, obtain a guaranteed student loan, or set up a payment plan (if available). Because of contributions to Denver Seminary, students pay only a portion of the real cost of their education.


Master’s degree programs, all campuses

Per semester hour, credit

Per semester hour, audit



Doctor of Ministry program, fall and spring

Per semester hour

Per semester hour, audit




Master's-level students only

Technology fee, fall and spring

Technology fee, intersession and summer

Activity fee, fall and spring (charged to students enrolled in two or more credit hours)




Doctoral-level students only

Technology fee, fall and spring

Test fee for new students in the leadership track

Test fee for new students in the marriage and family ministry track

Project proofreading (paid at time of oral defense)





Books and Supplies Estimate

Annual cost, master's-level, averaged across programs, based on nine hours per semester


Annual cost, doctoral-level, averaged across tracks, based on three hours per semester


Miscellaneous Fees* and Other Expenses

General Fees

*Not all classes listed below are offered at at the Washington DC or West Texas campuses. 

Application fee, master’s-level (nonrefundable)

Degree-seeking applicants

Non-degree/visiting scholar applicants

Auditor applicants




Graduation fees


Master's degrees

Doctoral degrees




Advanced standing application, per exam or course awarded

Late registration fee

Late payment fee

Change in schedule after payment deadline, each add or drop

Official transcript request (per transcript)

Rush request (per transcript)

Comprehensive Exam drop fee








Course Fees

MA thesis continuation fee

ThM thesis continuation fee

Doctoral project continuation fee, per semester

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling internship fee

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling internship continuation fee

CF 611 Christian Formation and Soul Care Intensive fee

CHP 650 Community-Based Clinical Pastoral Education fee

CO 510 Counseling Foundations fee

CO 511 Counseling Practicum fee

CO 525 Career Development and Assessment fee

CO 526 Therapeutic Communication fee

CO 602 Assessment and Measurement fee

CO 657 Counseling Responses in Crises and Disasters fee

CP 643 Planting and Leading Mission-Shaped New Churches fee

IM 611 Globalization in Theological Education fee

LD 571 Catalyst Conference fee

OL 500 Introduction to Wilderness Ministry

OL 501 Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Foundations of Outdoor Leadership

OL 601 Stewardship in Creation: Theology and Outdoor Practices

OL 650 Outdoor Leadership Practicum

T/M500 Introduction to Christian Formation and Training and Mentoring fee






















*Note that fees are nonrefundable and a fee that is not included above may be added to a course at the discretion of the professor.

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